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A Very Big Collection, Indeed!

Posted by Librarian/Information Professional on September 26, 2008

A recent article from CNN describes an ambitious project by the Smithsonian, to put its 137 million-object collection online. Wow! Their vision is to bring the museum to school children who might not be able to come to see the collection. This is a noble idea on the surface, yet there are many issues to be addressed, besides all that scanning an digitizing of images. While this article was a CNN news story, the Smithsonian has been actively digitizing images for quite some time. The Terra Project is one project that has been ongoing since 2005. http://www.aaa.si.edu/collections/terra_collections_list.cfm. As an information professional, I wondered how they would treat the provenance of the articles and how they intend to use metadata to describe the objects. Perhaps this collection description is an indication of how they intend to proceed using XML EAD  data prepared by archivists.  http://www.aaa.si.edu/collectionsonline/project.htm

Of course there is a monetary side to this, grant money. In a time of declining field trips due to gasoline shortages, the Smithsonian anticipates receiving educational grant monies for this project. However, there are no estimates about time or funding necessary. One would hope that more planning is going on than what is being reported.

The news story at www.CNN.com: Smithsonian to Put its 137 million-object collection online.


The Smithsonian at: http://www.smithsonian.org/


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