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Digital collections!

Posted by Librarian/Information Professional on September 2, 2008

So what exactly is a digital collection? I will be exploring that topic and more with additional postings. Hur-Li Lee (2000) points out that our perception of a library collection has changed with remote access. Lee (2000, 1106) asked “Does it matter where the digital files are located?” That is one essence of digital library collecting. The files may be located almost anywhere in the world that is accessible from the Internet. With that in mind, then where is the library? The library may be anywhere and everywhere. Accessibility makes the library available anywhere there is an online presence. Lee (2000, 1106) explains that the collector determines the parameter’s of a collection and how the collection is “developed, maintained and evaluated.” With that in mind, I will begin. These collections are important to me while I am becoming a professional librarian.

When I started this assignment, I began thinking practically about the day to day life of a professional. However, as I rethought my assignment, I realized that I should think about my own professional development if I am going to be an effective librarian. Where else to begin, but with our professional association and the resources there. Since I am planning on becoming an academic librarian, these tools are important for guidelines and helpful information to me as a developing professional. The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) has helpful information in accessible formats. The Webpage that I feel is most helpful to me is the ACRL – Professional Tools.

On a global scale the International Federation of Library Associations(IFLA) is working to unite libraries. The collection of resources and projects there are important for global and cultural understanding is Digital Libraries: Resources and Projects. It may be seen as many collections within one giant collection of digital documents. It is essential for a professional to seeing the global aspect of being an information professional and to see what other cultures believe is important to share about their culture.

Another essential collection for an information professional, is the ability to read current professional literature. A professional librarian needs to stay current in the field and one of the easiest methods is to read the professional literature. One way to stay current is to read publications through an aggregator, such as EBSCOhost. This is a digital collection of journals that is accessible through local libraries. The Professional Development Collection (requires OU login) contains information professional articles. Additionally, the collection of articles at D-Lib or First Monday are additionally excellent digital resources for a professional librarian.


Lee, Hur-Li. 2000. What is a collection? Journal of the American Society for Information Science. 51(2), 1106-1113.


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