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It’s June and what to do??

Posted by Librarian/Information Professional on June 7, 2011

Every summer it seems there are so many things that I would like to accomplish, like emptying 2 file cabinets full of old unused materials. Yet it is so hard to get to my projects. It is not for lack of trying. Sometimes it is the lack of time and resources, i.e. available workers, and sometimes it is other people’s priorities. You know the type, they dream up stuff for me to do because I have all this available time. They often are my peers, who convince the right people that this is something that “we” should do. Funny, the “we” is usually me, and my projects get to take a back seat. So far I am waiting on that to happen as it always does, every summer.

So back to the other issue, having the resources to get to my projects. I came back after Memorial Day and my week vacation to discover that I had virtually no workers at all. One worker who had agreed to work found the opportunity to more hours in her home department. That left me with one worker who wanted to work one hour a day! So I dug through the very few applications. Most of the applicants had another campus job and only wanted another hour or so, here or there. No real help for me there! I did see one promising applicant, who informed me that she had just decided to take a job at a summer camp. Lucky me, I now had one worker could give me one hour per day. Since my assistant is out having major surgery, not enough workers!

Fortunately, things have a way of turning out OK. The original worker didn’t get the expected hours, after all, so I now have some excellent help. Wish I could steal her, but that’s not likely.

As I said, things have a way of righting themselves, today one of my academic school year workers walked in wanting to have some hours to work! YEA!! A trained worker!! So now we can, at least, climb out from under the never ending mail! I actually started thinking about emptying those 2 file cabinets again!


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Yes, I really am back!

Posted by Librarian/Information Professional on May 24, 2011

Today I am working on rewriting the work processes for student workers. I have 2 new students beginning work today. Both are library workers who need more summer hours. They work during of the school year in other departments.

If you have never worked in Serials, you will not realize the differences from other departments in processing, shelving, etc. in this ongoing, continuing environment. Part of the reason I love it! Serials never stop coming as long as we subscribe. It is not like a book that you order and boom, it’s here. That’s about it. Well not really, but my point being that if you get a weekly serial, you get it every week, whether you are there or not! If the publisher forgets to send, if the mail doesn’t deliver, if it gets sent to the wrong department, we try to figure out how come! We claim issues that don’t show up on schedule. We place them on the shelves and then go pick them up when people use them. It is an ongoing cycle.

The fun of serials is that they do change from time to time. That weekly periodical may decide to save money and only publish every other week. It may decide to change size, by that I mean taller, shorter, etc. It may change to a new name or simply add something to its name. For example, Businessweek, a long time standard added the words Bloomberg to the beginning of their masthead and title. Fun times in the serials world. Do we reshelve? Does it need new records? How do we explain it to our novice workers.

Seems I went off in another direction from whence I started. I think I am working in the right area, Serials. Once you think everything is going one direction, off we go! Yes, there is a lot more to talk about.

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