Where's the Library?

Libraries are not just a place or a thing. Libraries are evolving!

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The end and the beginning

Posted by Librarian/Information Professional on April 14, 2009

One major milestone finished. I completed my portfolio and my defense successfully!! Hooray.

It was not easy, but I did not expect it to be. My portfolio is about my goals and my growth as a professional. My defense included a paper I wrote about digital collections. It seemed to be the best choice of my papers. I used so many things from my classes when I worked on that paper.

Funny as I have progressed through my classes, I find myself drawing from previous courses. It is a great feeling, yet it is humbling to realize how much more that is out there to learn and to know. I think that is part of the lifelong learning that we all like to talk about. The more we learn, the more we draw on it and the more we want to know.


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Where’s the library?

Posted by Librarian/Information Professional on August 25, 2008

Hmm, seems pretty obvious doesn’t it? That big building over there with all the books, must be the library. Nope! The library (or a library) is not that building but it is much more than that. The library is not a place any more in the sense that it is usually thought about. I wonder if it ever was just a place. The library at OU is not just a big building, but also something that I use regularly from my home. This is only the beginning of my blog. I will post about digital collections soon.

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