Where's the Library?

Libraries are not just a place or a thing. Libraries are evolving!


Posted by Librarian/Information Professional on June 27, 2013

Why would managers not want to point the way? Why won’t management include the staff into plans? Why wouldn’t management want to hear dialogue from “those in the trenches?”

The best managers I have known, and I have known quite a few, always patiently explained the new territory. They tried to get everyone on board with the new directions. They listened to concerns and issues. They were not afraid of questions, challenges, etc. They embraced them, knowing full well that once almost everybody got on board, the new direction would snowball into a new era.

What does this have to do with digital libraries? Really a lot! Managers are always part of the picture. They have various titles, but they control what is valued. If something is not valued it is is usually trashed! This applies to all resources. The most valuable resource are the people who do the work. Staff may seem to be expendable, but replacing people is never easy.


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