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End of June

Posted by Librarian/Information Professional on June 24, 2013

It is time to blog more, now that it is the End of June. June is a month of weddings and anniversaries. That is enough to make me want to write. Not because of the romance, but because I want to write from the heart.

How to preserve so much information? How to keep it in a viewable format? How to know what is important and what can be let go? These decisions are so arbitrary, yet they must be made. No one else wants to preserve anything unless there is money to be made. It’s all about the “bottom line.”

It makes me think about an aggregating database vendor. The publisher pulled their resources, so the vendor put a positive spin on it. They went out and collected obscure titles so that their “count of resources” would not drop. Yes, they were peer reviewed, but who were those peers? Misleading to say the least. So the decisions were made based on profit not quality.

Yes, I know peer reviewed, but they were not quality.

I disagree with that approach! I think that it is unfortunate that publishers, not those in the field are making those choices.


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