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Where is the library going?

Posted by Librarian/Information Professional on October 11, 2012

I thought I knew the answer, or at least had an inkling about where the library of the future would be. Now, I am not so sure. There are too many administrators, (not just library admins) who do not truly value the library. They see it as something that costs the institution money. Since when did services become such a commodity. Does everything have to be based on a profit?

Libraries help an institution make a profit by providing timely access to information. Without background information, it is difficult to make a knowledgeable decision. Government resources can provide statistics and background studies. Databases provide the literature that has been published on a topic. Librarians are the link to finding the information that is sought. Without librarians and libraries, we are left to the mercy of the “big corporations” who will filter what they want us to find and only what they can charge us to receive.


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