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Yes, I really am back!

Posted by Librarian/Information Professional on May 24, 2011

Today I am working on rewriting the work processes for student workers. I have 2 new students beginning work today. Both are library workers who need more summer hours. They work during of the school year in other departments.

If you have never worked in Serials, you will not realize the differences from other departments in processing, shelving, etc. in this ongoing, continuing environment. Part of the reason I love it! Serials never stop coming as long as we subscribe. It is not like a book that you order and boom, it’s here. That’s about it. Well not really, but my point being that if you get a weekly serial, you get it every week, whether you are there or not! If the publisher forgets to send, if the mail doesn’t deliver, if it gets sent to the wrong department, we try to figure out how come! We claim issues that don’t show up on schedule. We place them on the shelves and then go pick them up when people use them. It is an ongoing cycle.

The fun of serials is that they do change from time to time. That weekly periodical may decide to save money and only publish every other week. It may decide to change size, by that I mean taller, shorter, etc. It may change to a new name or simply add something to its name. For example, Businessweek, a long time standard added the words Bloomberg to the beginning of their masthead and title. Fun times in the serials world. Do we reshelve? Does it need new records? How do we explain it to our novice workers.

Seems I went off in another direction from whence I started. I think I am working in the right area, Serials. Once you think everything is going one direction, off we go! Yes, there is a lot more to talk about.


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Break time is over!!

Posted by Librarian/Information Professional on May 22, 2011

Hi everyone–I decided to re-awaken my blog. I have been enjoying too much of a respite since I finished “library school.”
I have some thoughts that have been smoldering about libraries, processes, technology & more. So I think it’s time!!

I have been on vacation and tomorrow is back to work again. The Spring semester is over and Graduation is finished. My assistant is off due to surgery and I am not sure if I will have a student helper when I get back. (It was up in the air last week–student was trying for a better paying job! Can’t say that I blame her, but we do have some unofficial perks that the “private sector” does not, like understanding when there are exams to be taken or that a visit home is past due.)
Why am I writing about all this? Because it is a good time to review procedures and to identify what needs to be done and how it should be done. One of those steps we forget about as we slog along every day and don’t consider there might be better, or more efficient ways to accomplish our tasks. Also, maybe some of the tasks we are doing, don’t need to be done. Hmmmm….

I think more of the work flow can be accomplished by student workers and I intend to point more of the work their direction. We have bright students and they are capable of doing more than we sometimes expect them to do. So, tomorrow, I intend to begin rewriting the procedures!

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