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A new school year–a new time!

Posted by Librarian/Information Professional on September 16, 2009

It’s been forever since I have written to this blog, or so it seems. It was another world when I was a student and a library worker (soon to be a “real librarian”). Now, I am one and it is funny how it looks from the other side. I thought I knew, but it is not quite the same. I enjoy helping students find resources. Thank you, Dr. Van Fleet for the reference class. It should be mandatory for all future librarians.

It’s funny how each SLIS class has impacted me. It truly was a growth experience. I don’t intend to stop growing! Right now, I am experimenting with Twitter for library promotion. This summer, I worked on our library web page. I made some progress. It is good to have access again to the materials that are posted. I wish that I could upload the finished pages to the website, instead of having to edit them through the CMS (Content Management System). It is tedious to recreate html links and to have to explain to non-librarians where changes need to be made, and why. If your library allows more access to the finished product, you are lucky indeed. Unfortunately, those who are in control, do not realize that libraries have changed and “are not their father’s libraries.” Digital management is so important to library success!

I am back playing with Facebook, but it is more a personal project, much like my genealogy work. Yet nothing is a stand alone product. We are all products of all our efforts and insights. We don’t always realize it, but it is better when we do.


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