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Information Communication and Technology–It’s what the Internet is all about.

Posted by Librarian/Information Professional on April 17, 2009

The Internet and Communication. Our readings for our class this week discuss how it all works together, using such things as TCP/IP, packets and connectedness. What I liked about reading Joseph Miller, is that he explains the terminology, rather than just talking about it.

It seems impossible with billions of IP numbers available, yet we are using up the available IPs. Yet Miller explains that not all of these IP addresses are available for all to use. Additionally, offices and homes are using up multiple IP addresses for printers, networked peripherals, with more items being added all the time. I looked around my office at work and realize that every computer and most of the printers have IP addresses. Additionally, the computers that the library patrons enjoy have IP addresses. Furthermore, I recently read about household appliances becoming connected to the Internet, but it didn’t seem significant until I read Miller that each of these appliances would need an IP address. So if my refrigerator needs “to phone home” or tell me that we need to buy milk, then it would need to connect to our home network, or to the Internet directly. Amazing!

Other facts that I found interesting, included the connections to the Internet, some I have used over the years and others I knew were being used. Miller kindly explained the differences, rather than using jargon to talk about them. I think that is what I like about Miller the most. Years ago, computer experts would not share their information readily, for a variety of reasons. Yet today, with information all around us, it seems that there is a gap between the very basic knowledge available about technology and the jargon filled expert knowledge. When a novice wishes to learn more about technology, it can be a daunting task to break through the barriers to understanding what the technology is all about. I think Miller should have been considered as a textbook for our class.


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