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Copyright, yes I said copyright!

Posted by Librarian/Information Professional on November 19, 2008

I am working on sources for my paper, and I have been exploring copyright. Since it is a bit fuzzy to me, I was happy to find a source that makes things clearer to me. Yes, I know there are lots of good websites that I have seen posted by others in my class and by my professor. I still like a tangible material to look at and examine. This book is illustrated and thin. (More points in its favor!)

Some information that I gleaned from its pages:

The 3 parts that are essential for copyright are: it must be original, it must be a work of authorship, and it must be fixed in a tangible medium of expression. (Waxer & Baum 4-5).


Somethings are not protected by copyright. Things like slogans, discoveries, etc. If an idea and its expression can’t be separated, it cannot be copyrighted. Standard or stock features, scenes, etc. cannot be copyrighted. Works in the public domain, cannot be copyrighted. (Waxer & Baum 12-13).


Waxer, Barbara M. and Marsha L. Baum. 2007. Copyright on the Internet.Thompson Course Technology: Boston.





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